Ryan Ganss - Art Director & Digital Design Leader


Herman Miller is a century old furniture company known for it’s iconic designs. This project was to redesign the corporate website and develop a design system to align digital properties company wide.



redesign the website of a century old furniture company known for its iconic designs





The project was to port existing content onto a mobile responsive platform. In that process we developed a design system to align digital properties company wide and took the opportunity to enhance key aspects of the site including navigation, categorization, and imagery across the site.


Creative Team

UX Lead – Laurel Stanley
Senior Manager – Eric Ishii-Eckhardt


– Product Design Lead
– SCRUM team designer

Design System

Atomic design principal example.

Atomic Design

We created our design system using the Atomic Design methodology. This began with atoms like color and other design tokens to build components, templates, and final pages.

Herman Miller color palette.


We created a holistic color palette that was categorized into a Core Brand Palette, and a Spectrum for Brand Experience – these values were assigned to specific roles throughout the design system.

Responsive typography illustration.


Creating a mobile optimized experience was a key goal of the redesign and resulted in new systems of responsive typography, grids, and a mobile first design approach.

Product Design

Designed for Global

9 Languages across 16 regions

Overlapping examples of global versions of the website.